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Welcome to our home – the home of dye sublimation printing.

If you’re wondering, “What is dye sublimation?” you’re more than likely interested in creating unique promotion items, such as printing on mugs, t-shirts, and more. Dye-sublimation printing allows for vivid, sharp, and vibrant imagery – and stunning products.

It’s also quite affordable if you aren’t planning on printing a large volume of products at a time. In fact, this form of printing is appreciated because it helps keep the budget low when producing a small number of items. Not to mention, dye sublimation creates considerably long-lasting prints, known for being extremely slow to fade


Sublimation is an amazing way to create bright, permanent, professional looking image transfers using your own artwork or photography. No plastic feel, no fading when washed. No other image transfer technology to date can claim this except for printing directly on to fabrics with fabric dyes.

Advantages of Dye Sublimation Printing

Compared with other common printing techniques, dye sublimation printing has a number of advantages:

  • Continuous tone – Each and every dot of ink in sublimation printing can be a different colour. For this reason, sublimated graphics appear high-resolution and have amazing colour fidelity, even under a microscope.
  • No dry time – Sublimation printing on fabric means you can be fold or wear the garment immediately after it leaves the press without having to worry about smearing the ink.
  • Fewer moving parts – Presses are simple machines, and the thermal print head doesn’t need to move back and forth over the print media. This means sublimation printers are less likely to break down.
  • No mess – No liquid ink means no spills and no clean up.
  • Fade-free – Sublimated dye impregnates and becomes part of the fabric. It will not fade or degrade the fabric, and the colours will not run if exposed to water.
  • Seam-to-seam printing – Sublimation printing can work for even the most intricate shapes, allowing you to print the entire fabric of a garment.
  • Uses no water and minimal energy – Dye sublimation requires no water and very little energy resources compared to other commercial printing methods.
  • Small-batch friendly – Sublimation printing is great for one-off, small batch or massive orders, making it easy to quickly customize apparel or gifts for special occasions.

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